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Minimalistic Designs: simple and straightforward design style will be implemented in 2019. This is to contrast the previous years of clutter and information overload. Removing everything that is not needed to make the point will become important in 2019. Focusing on the brand identity to target the correct audience.

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Asymmetric layout:  An informal scattered grid style layout where information is not where you would usually expect it to be will become more popular. designers are willing to break the old patterns and open-up the doors for newer and more creative layouts to catch the attention of today’s millennials.

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Gradients: A greater variety of colours will start to be implemented in 2019. Colour transitions are smooth and would be seen everywhere in 2019.

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Galactic Effects: This is the biggest among the new graphic design trends. Designers are leaning towards using more of violets from the 2018 colour of the year and introducing a deep blue colour that gives a galactic feel. These colours resonate well with the modern audience and appear brighter on phones and other devices that offer vibrant colours and display capabilities.

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Bold Duotones: Duotone graphics used to be quite popular several decades ago. After being lost in the background for some time, it has made a big comeback over the past few years and is gaining tremendous popularity.

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Metallics: Metallics will remain on trend in 2019. These were not used effectively by designers in 2018 because printing presses struggled early in the year to translate the design onto paper. Metallics in typography will become more prevalent.

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Hand-drawn typography and illustrations: With the broader availability of stylus and digital pens that can be easily used on a touchscreen laptop or tablet, illustrations are becoming very popular. Designers are creating innovative digital illustrations to use over photographs. This graphic design trend is undoubtedly going to remain strong during 2019. This is a time-consuming service that might spike design prices.

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Creative Typography: Typography never goes out of style and with newer tools and technologies at their disposal; designers are taking typography to the next level even if it takes a bit longer. However, creativity along with simplicity is the key here.

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Coloured Fonts: The colours used in the fonts will link to most of the 2019 design trends. This includes #gradients#monotones and #illustrations. Today’s#designers are coming up with more creative and colourful ways to write the text in an artwork. We are seeing a rise in vector fonts with many interesting elements being used quite frequently.

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Detailed Vintage Styles: As is the case with mid-century style designs, another trend that is making a big comeback is vintage style motifs. Although the designs are vintage, they are done with a modern touch by adding simple photos and clean backgrounds.

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Mid-century Styles: The design trends of the past always make a comeback, and towards the end of 2018, it’s time for the mid-century style illustrations to return. We see such designs on billboards, product packaging, digital media and advertisements. There is also a rise in using mid-century style illustrations and typography superimposed over modern photographs.

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3D Isometric Graphics: Graphics that look 3D but are not MB size-heavy are in high demand for 2019. This style is mostly used for apps and is very time-consuming that could spike design service prices.

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In-depth Images: An image with more depth in bit ratio and perspective automatically engages and interests the viewers. Many new techniques are being applied along with colour transitions like gradients to create a feeling of greater depth in a two-dimensional design or a photograph.

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Negative Space: Negative space graphic design was always there at some level, but we see a huge comeback. Negative space designing leverages the space in the image and creatively depicts some idea through the cutouts. Negative space typography was already used in 2018 and will continue in 2019 applying some of the other 2019 predictions.

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Natural Photographs: Stockphoto market is big in 2018 but designers are looking for more natural abstract style photo that depicts a mood. People tired seeing perfect stock photos as they have stopped conveying any meaning or sentiment to the viewers. The pics that have been photoshopped to perfection are not sufficient anymore, as the audience is looking for more emotive photos.

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Chaotic Designs and Typography: Chaos is more acceptable in 2019. This contrast some of the other trends predicted for 2019. The chaos is linked tot he constructivism used in 1917 most prominent in Russian propaganda posters, the aim is to stop the readers in their tracks and take note of what is being said. Such loud designs and text will surely attract the attention of millennials.

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Customised Typography over Photos: Stock photos are losing their appeal, but in the world of memes and photo-sharing, it is becoming quite common to share images that have text and lends itself well to social media posts.

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Glitch or Ruined Effects: 2019 will show new innovative effects that were never used before, giving rise to the glitch or ruined effects. Such designs touch the pulse of the modern audience.

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